Did you know there’s a right way to burn a candle?!

✨ For the first burn you don’t need to trim the wick, that’s done.  But make sure you let the candle melt 3-4 hours and that the melted part reaches the glass.  This will set it up to burn best for future burns.

✨ Before you light your candle each time after the first time, trim the wick to about 1/4”.  This will give you the best size flame.  We recommend only burning it about 4 hours at a time or you might get a giant flame, soot, and/or a wick will puff and curl.  

⚠️ Don’t forget general safety, make sure to take a look at the safety instructions right on your candle label.

Do we offer wholesale?

✨ We would love to work with you on a wholesale basis, please use the "Contact Us" form to send us some details and we will respond within 48 hours.

You may also email us at: info@wysteriawaxstudio.com

Will we do custom orders?

Currently, we regret to inform you that we are unable to accommodate custom orders due to limited capacity. We appreciate your understanding and thank you for considering our products.

✨ In the future, if we get to a point that we are doing custom orders, we will announce it to our email subscribers.

How do we handle orders and shipping?

✨ All orders ship within 2-3 business days.  Delivery, however, varies based on your location and USPS.

✨ We use USPS Ground Advantage (USPS.com states 2-5 day delivery) unless you request a different USPS service.  (Charges vary.)

✨ Buyer is responsible for all shipping charges.

✨ Once your label is created you will receive tracking information.

✨ If you need to cancel or change any part of your order, please email us immediately and before you receive your tracking information.

✨ Once your order is received by USPS, we cannot be liable for it’s delivery.

✨ We can ship to P.O. boxes if it will accept packages.

✨ If your order is returned to us as “Undeliverable” due to an address error we will attempt to contact you to verify accuracy.  Charges to reshape your order are the responsibility of whoever caused the error.  If you do not want your order reshipped, you can request a refund within 14 days of our initial contact.

✨ During hot weather we recommend delivery to an address that can take your package inside as soon as possible.

How do we handle returns?

✨ All sales are final with the exception of items that are defective or delivered damaged.

✨ Please inspect your order upon receipt and contact us with any issues within 14 days of delivery.  We ask for pictures of the damaged items and/or packaging so that we can improve our process where we can.

✨ If you receive a broken item or items are missing from your order they will be replaced at no charge.  If your original item is no longer available you can choose an alternate scent or request a refund of that item cost.

Scent strength?

Our candle scents vary in strength. Since scent perception is subjective, some individuals find certain scents strong, while others perceive them as subtle.

What are candle scent notes?

An expressive means of detailing the aroma you'll experience when you ignite a candle.

✨ There is the "Top Note"
The top note is your initial olfactory encounter when you inhale the essence of a candle. It serves as your introduction to the intended fragrance and leaves your very first impression.

✨ Then there is the "Middle Note"
The middle notes in a candle's composition are a symphony of more intricate fragrance elements. They frequently constitute the bulk of a candle's aromatic experience, and their harmonious interplay forms the "core" of the fragrance, making the middle notes the most vivid, descriptive, and multifaceted component.

✨ Last there is the "Base Note"
The base note is the enduring, weighty fragrance that lingers once the candle's glow has faded. It's the ultimate impression that stays with you, leaving a lasting aromatic memory in its wake.

What is the burn time for our candles?

40+ Hours, but subject to variation depending on wick upkeep and burning conditions.