“That’s life, getting past the unexpected.” - Downton Abbey 

Inspired to grow!

Welcome to our small family candle business!  My wife and I are so excited you have decided to visit our shop and hope you enjoy the products we make.

We are very passionate about creating unique and handcrafted products that will ignite a cozy atmosphere in your home.

Behind our business is a special mission.  We are hoping to use the proceeds from our business to fund our now 15 year old son’s future.  He is on the autism spectrum.  We are devoted to providing him with a safe and secure future and our candle business is an incredible opportunity to do just that.

Our products are made using only high quality ingredients.  It is important to us that the things we put out there are the best possible.  We also offer our own custom designed, 3D printed candle holders.  

If there are ever any issues with something we've created, please go to our contact form and let us know.

We are so very grateful that you’ve taken the time and an interest in our business!  Your support and encouragement is so appreciated!



The Tucker Family